To meet the rising food demand,

cities will have to adopt alternative farming solutions

Ukulima tech walks us through the importance of food security in an increasingly urban society.

They make a case for the vulnerability of the food system using the engaging string exercise. It is able to demonstrate the various touchpoints our food engages with before arriving on our plates. Also revealing how a fault in a single touchpoint brings the entire system to its knees.

Vertical Farms are an ideal solution for farming in Urban areas where space is scarce.

After making a case for urban farming, Ukulima tech then showed us how to make it happen. Demonstrating two methods of making small footprint gardens for urban settings.

Watch their video explaining why and how they do what they do.

Ukulima Tech

Our Mission: To feed and supply Kenya’s

growing urban population with traceable & quality food products.

Our Vision: To be Africa’s leading B2B

supplier of Fresh produce.