"Food is the second largest contributor to climate change after fossil fuels"

Doing Zero, a partnership project between Design Manchester and Nairobi Design Week, is the highlight at this year’s Design Manchester events, that took place from 17-21 November.

Selected by the British Council and WWF UK as a creative commission for the #COP26 Global Climate Conference taking place in Glasgow that same month, Doing Zero is an exploration of the link between climate change and food by two local neighbourhoods – Harpurhey in North Manchester and Kawangware in West Nairobi.

Community members in the two cities took part in joint workshops with climate experts and creatives to figure out what local people can do in their own communities to play their part in the battle to save the planet.


Dial Down Dairy &

Bye Bye Beef

The industry produces methane and contributes heavily to climate change

Respect Water

It's the heart of all ecosystems

Eat Local &

Seasonal Produce

Convenience comes at a cost to the environment