Turning Insights into Action

18th September 2021

A workshop by Extinction Rebellion

What is Extinction Rebellion?

A Project of the Design Agency "This Ain't Rock and Roll"

A global campaign against governments that are failing to protect the population from climate change, diversity loss and chemical pollution in the water.

Until they step up, we are in open rebellion against them.

Uncertainty Principle

Throughout history, great uncertainty has birthed great artworks. Such as the South African Apartheid movement or the Bauhaus movement.

Ecological Disaster is a cause of great uncertainty, thus we can use this to create great artworks by reaching into the past.

By using a standard font, people from across the globe and create works and be instantly recognisable as belonging to the same movement

Extinction Rebellion is not a Do-It-Yourself movement, It's a Do-It-Together Movement.

This means there is a heavy focus on sharing methods and resources and allowing others to do the design work and make it happen. One global community, decentralised and acting together